Last Day of Surgery

Hard to believe that we have already completed the last full day of surgeries. Once again, the day began by rounding with patients who were all healing very well from their procedures. All but one of the patients were sent home already to continue their recovery. The General Surgeon at the hospital will continue to follow up with them but is able to reach Dr. Aziz with questions at any time should they arise.

There were 11 cases on the schedule today that varied a bit more than yesterday. Scar revisions and cleft lips for adults and children were worked on with many of the patients responding positively almost immediately after surgery.

Another local school was visited earlier today as well. A younger group of 150 children where given oral consultations, toothbrushes and toothpaste this time as well. Many of the kids had a good sense of dental health already but asked very good questions like what amount of toothpaste should be used and how long should brushing take.

This week certainly went by very quickly given that there is still plenty of work to do in this area. We are hoping to be able to return in a year to begin treatment that would be beneficial to most of the population that we saw. With your help and generosity, we can give the people that lived through the war a new beginning and hope. For more information on how you can contribute, please visit the Donation page of the Smile Bangladesh site here:





1 thought on “Last Day of Surgery

  1. Great job guys!! I know how the parents feel as they see their children begin to look and feel like their friends. May God bless and keep you all and give you safe travels home!!!


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