Until Next Year…

The Sri Lankan adventure has come to an end. It was both a humbling and great learning trip as it was the first time the Smile Bangladesh team had been there. We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors – the Lions Club – and to the hospital staff at Tellipalai for their hospitality. The biggest thanks goes to the patients that allowed us to care for them. They are the reason for this mission and we hope we were able to touch their lives as much as they did ours.

It was a true pleasure to visit a new country although it was stepping into the unknown. After hearing the stories of the patients that survived the civil war, it became clear that we were in the right place to help. However, we found that many needed more than we could provide for them at the time.

As the team begins to head back to the States, plans are already underway for a trip next year for more extensive procedures. A tax-deducible donation of any amount would help immensely in getting the materials and resources used during the operations and treatments. Feel free to contact Smile Bangladesh for more information on how you can contribute to this cause or visit the Donation page here: http://www.smilebangladesh.org/donate.php

Until next year!

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